5 Posing Tips For Looking Your Best in Wedding Photos

Francis Carlisle from Francis Carlisle Photography shares some tips how to pose on your wedding pictures.

Posing, posing, posing… why would you want to pose when all you want is natural images on your wedding day? You’re excited about the planning, desperate to get into the dress, but when it comes to the photography, well – let’s just say you want the fabulous and creative end result without going through the motions! And isn’t posing for all those traditional wedding photos that most modern couples don’t want anyway?

You won’t be the first bride to break out in a sweat at the word posing and you certainly won’t be the last. It’s far more about looking natural (even if at first you don’t feel it) and accentuating your good points – think about it as avoiding those nasty bingo wings and wooden legs than standing awkwardly.

About two weeks before the big day, you’re going to be googling posing tips or asking all your bridesmaids how on earth you make sure you don’t have a double chin in your portraits. Which is why all my clients have a posing guide drop its way into their inbox at that point in the countdown to W-Day. Here’s a few tips from that guide so you can pose comfortably, naturally and confidently on your wedding day:


1. Change your view on ‘posing’ First off, remember posing doesn’t mean not looking natural. The most natural of photos are set up beforehand – it just means you hold yourself in a better posture and a more flattering way, you can still relax and have a laugh. A gazillion times better than the dreaded looking awkward and grinning blindly into the camera, no? So shake off those nerves, trust in your photographer and stay the journey with your portrait session – you might even be having fun by the end of it!

2. Posture Roll your shoulders back and hold your back straight. Get yourself to a pilates class or walk around with a book on your head if you must! Just remember to hold your posture and the rest will already look a million times better.

3. Chins – joint second with flabby arms is the double chin fear. Don’t raise it, lower your chin – but you may want to move your head (not your neck) forward a little too. Goodbye double chin!

4. Hands – To avoid feeling or looking too awkward, you need to do something with your hands. Whether it’s holding hands, leaning on something, holding your flowers or putting a hand in your pocket, it’ll relax you as well as looking much more natural.

5. Feet and how to stand for your wedding photos: Ever wondered why Posh Spice always used to put one foot in front of the other? It flatters the figure by accentuating your hip line. Though it’s nice to vary things up a little, this is a pretty good basic fall-back pose: with the weight on your back leg, bring the front foot forward a little or cross it over the back leg.

Now go get practicing in the mirror, and if you want a chance to practice all this with me, book your wedding photography during the show for a free engagement shoot (worth £250) and Polaroid hire + 50 prints on your wedding day. I’ll be on stand G39 at the London Excel Wedding Fair.

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