5 Things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer

One of the most important aspects of your wedding is the photography. It is really crucial that you pick a photographer that’s right for you.

By Precious Red Photography

I love shooting weddings. It is my absolute pleasure to be able to have a front row seat to such a major event in a couples journey together. When meeting my wedding clients for the first time I often find myself giving the same advice in regards to what they should be asking themselves about potential wedding photographers.

Do you like their photography style?

There are many different styles of photography out there, traditional wedding photography is usually quite formal and rigid and involves a lot of organized shots and a very hands on photographer. Contemporary wedding photography is informal, relaxed and spontaneous. Reportage or documentary style wedding photography is when a photographer records the day as it happens, it is very hands-off and the photographer will remain mainly in the background. This style of photography is becoming increasingly popular. The only way you will be sure that you are getting the style of photography that you want is if you do research and speak to different photographers to see if they can deliver the style that you’re looking for.

Are they listening to you?

A good wedding photographer should listen to your needs and get a clear understanding of what you expect from your wedding photography. They should be asking you questions in order to figure out whether they are a good match for you. I have refused wedding clients in the past to avoid disappointment if I felt as though they wanted what I couldn’t deliver. For example if they wanted lots of traditional photo’s as I am a documentary style photographer and I have a very hands off approach.

Do they have a plan B?

At every wedding I always have a contingency plan. I have a large network of wedding photographers that I can contact at the drop of a hat to cover a wedding should I suddenly fall ill so that my client won’t be left in the lurch on their wedding day. This is an important question to ask your photographer. Even though there’s only a small chance of something going wrong, it’s always good to be prepared.

Do you have confidence in them?

By the time you have booked and confirmed your wedding photographer you should have met with them at least once and seen a good amount of their portfolio and perhaps some sample wedding albums. This will all help you to have good confidence in their ability to deliver what you expect on the day. If you have booked your photographer after only a few emails then you may not know enough to make an informed decision as to whether they are the correct person for the job.

Do you like them?

Your wedding photographer is the one person that is with you for the entire day of your wedding. If you don’t like your florist then it’s not a problem as they deliver the flowers and go. It is so important that you ‘click’ with your wedding photographer and that you have a good rapport with them or it could make you feel uncomfortable or awkward on your wedding day and this will be evident in the images.

These are my small bits of advice that I would ask you to consider as once the cake is eaten and the dress is packed away your wedding photography will be the lasting memory of your big day.

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