5 top tips for a great wedding DJ experience!

Ask yourself ‘why a DJ’? Wedding bands can be incredible; they make an excellent complement to a DJ, particularly as the band usually need…

Ask yourself ‘why a DJ’?

Wedding bands can be incredible; they make an excellent complement to a DJ, particularly as the band usually need to take rest breaks in their set. A solo DJ brings exceptional value to your wedding. He or she will read your unique crowd and needs to know which tracks will entice your guests onto the dance floor. Check that you want a DJ though and aren’t booking one because everyone else thinks you should have one!

Think about the experience your DJ needs for your day to work well: Is your granddad likely to enjoy the latest house hits from an entertainer with mainly club DJing experience? Maybe not, but that might not matter to you if your wedding will host predominantly friends with similar tastes in music. Equally, a cheesier mobile DJ might be no bad thing if you’re looking for an all-round family fun event with a few cheeky best man-authorised anecdotes thrown into the mix. A DJ with corporate events experience can bring extra polish to the show and might be just the touch of class you need. Your ideal wedding DJ really depends on what kind of couple you are and how you want the day to go! The DJ sets an important tone for a significant part of your wedding day so it’s wise to consider their experience and natural style. Check out a DJ’s experience before you book, don’t just take their word for it. Ask them what kind of events they’ve played in the past and where they feel their DJing strengths lie. An excellent wedding DJ will be very happy to discuss this with you.

Think about your younger guests

It can be a long day for children, especially the under 10s, but on the plus side they can really bring a dance floor to life and even drag the grown-ups on for a few more dances! Maybe you could have a kids’ party while the speeches are going on so that the kids are well entertained and not distracting the adults, while their parents can relax and enjoy the occasion more. Ask your DJ if they can offer a kids’ disco in a side room at your venue before the main reception gets underway. It shouldn’t cost much more and can help your guests of all ages to relax.

Get to know your DJ

A high quality light show and sound setup are no-brainers and you should expect this, but it’s so important that you can trust your wedding DJ on a more personal level.

He or she can make or break the wedding reception – that’s a lot of trust to give a person you hardly know! It’s great for your DJ to have varied experience and technical mixing skills but get a feel for their personality too. Do you want someone flamboyant and fun? Someone who can charismatically tell a couple of choice anecdotes on request? Or would you rather have someone who can seamlessly fade into the background and concentrate solely on keeping your guests happy and dancing? Pretty much no-one wants a DJ who retreats behind the decks and engages the crowd with little more than a vacant stare. There are quite a few out there so beware! A great DJ will be able to adapt their style to suit your occasion and you can get a feel for this when you chat to them before you book. If you only do one thing as a result of this article, have a proper chat with your DJ and get to know them a bit before and after you book them. You won’t regret it.

Book the DJ a few months in advance!

If you’ve got a good few months to plan your wedding then get the DJ booked in as soon as you can. The best wedding DJs don’t necessarily cost more but through personal recommendations from other happy couples they will be in demand. Their diaries will be filling up months, sometimes a year or two in advance. You never want to call and find out they’re double-booked! Would you settle for an average wedding dress or venue? If not then why settle for an average DJ who isn’t that popular and fails to impress or get recommendations?

Ask your DJ to meet the photographer

Make sure the photographer and DJ are introduced to one another early on in the day so they can team up on creating a few great dance floor shots. Your DJ can help by playing tracks with fantastic crowd participation and by giving the photographer some direction as to where he/she can physically access around the DJ booth area. If the photographer can get that great angle they need then the shots will be in your wedding photo album forever! It’s worth the extra care taken by your DJ to get these results.

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