6 Tips for choosing the right wedding shoes

We have teamed up with Alice Bow to give you the top tips on how to choose your wedding shoes and how you can help your feet last throughout the day!

The last thing you or your bridesmaids need are aching ankles and blisters on your heel, so share our helpful pointers and thank us later.

1. Sometimes bigger isn’t better
Unless you are used to horse footing it around in 7 inch heels, don’t go there! We’d suggest you opt for a safe 3 inch (7.5cm) heel size. This is a comfortable height and won’t have you snapping your ankles in half when you head to the dance floor to twerk. If you are a tall lady, we say stand tall and proud and if you want to wear heels, wear heels.

2. Put a strap on it
Pick wedding shoes that will allow flexibility, wear ability and most importantly stability! The last thing anyone wants is a black eye from your shoe flying off mid-way through the ketchup song. The best thing you can do is pick a shoe with a secure heel hold or a strap that will help it stay on your foot (may sound obvious but it’s so important you don’t injure anyone around you!). If you have chosen to wear heeled shoes higher than you normally would, then we would highly recommend purchasing a strap shoe for comfort.

3. Fancy shoes = perforated dress
If you are wearing a long wedding dress, one that falls below your ankles, you may want to think very carefully about the style of your wedding shoes. If you have fallen in love with a pair of crystal encrusted, beaded shoes we would advise you to take a piece of fabric similar to that of your wedding dress and run the piece of fabric over the shoe and see if it catches. We’ve just saved you a hole lot of trouble!

4. Get the size right
When trying on wedding shoes, make sure you try on several sizes to see which one fits you best. You don’t want to end up like Cinderella and losing a shoe half way down the aisle! We would recommend a round or open toed wedding shoe for comfort as you are less likely to get sore toes.

It is worth bearing in mind that on hot summer’s day your feet will naturally swell so go shoe shopping in the afternoon after you’ve been on your feet for a little bit so you will get a better feel for how the shoes will fit on the day.

5. Wear them in
New shoes can pinch and cause soreness from rubbing. Pop your new wedding shoes on with clean feet a few weeks before your wedding day and walk around on a carpet floor (You’ll look like a superstar in your slobs and wedding shoes whilst cooking your dinner!) By doing this, you will feel where the shoe is causing any rubbing and give you time to make any adjustments and stretch them out some more.

6. Happy feet, happy bride
Give your feet a bit of TLC and get a cheeky pedicure to soften the skin and give your toes a great colour.

One of the most important tips of all is to make sure your wedding shoes have a good amount of padding, so make sure you pop in a pair of Alice Bow insoles in, you’ll really feel the difference!

It is worth letting your groom know about tip number 5 so he won’t be a grump by the end of your special day! Do you have any other tips for happy feet on your wedding day?

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