6 Top Tips to Attending a Boho Themed Wedding

If you are attending a Boho themed wedding then you’re in for a treat! Read our top tips to get inspiration for how you should dress and what to expect.

Festivals are more popular than ever and people are really getting into the theme of festival chic aka Boho, and these days it’s not just about the music, it’s also about the fashion. Latest styles include beautiful flower head crowns and floaty, vibrantly coloured kimonos with a gorgeous hem of tassels.

This style has really turned into a lifestyle and its followers are reflecting their style in their wedding themes. Boho works well for a wedding as it mixes a relaxed atmosphere with a vibrant eclectic mix of abstract music, quirky foods, magnificent candles and an abundance of flowers. If you are invited to a Boho wedding you can expect to find chill out areas draped in cloth and full of jazzy cushions, as well as some bizarre entertainment acts.

Dress Code
If you’re not the hippie, 60’s inspired kind of guest, don’t worry about it. When in doubt, go with something simple and clean (think creams, pastels and coral) with plenty of accessories (flowers, chains, delicate golden necklaces type thing). Layering is your best friend here! Add a belt, cardigan and some socks to an outfit to give it some extra edge.

See our images on the left to get an idea of the type of colours and styles the bride and her bridesmaids will be wearing.

The traditional wedding cake doesn’t apply at a Boho inspired wedding. You’re more likely to find a chocolate fountain, 1,000 tired cupcakes or an Alice in wonderland-esk sponge cake. Either way, expect extravagance, indulgence and lots of decoration in the form of edible beads or petals!

Festival go-ers traditionally have a great taste in music and their wedding day won’t be anything different to a loud mix of pop, funk and don’t be surprised if a someone with a fiddle starts getting involved!

Pick up that tambourine and kick off your heels because you’ll be dancing away under the stars throughout the night.

The Boho crowd have an amazing eye for detail and anticipation, so sheep skin rugs and cushion galore will mean you’re bound to be feeling entirely relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.

You can expect to find nooks and crannies filed with draped material and plenty of throws where you can meet the in-laws and catch up on the latest wedding goss.

A Boho themed wedding is quite mystical and fairyland-like and more often than not, depending on where you are in the world, you’ll be outside with mother-nature. Some of the most elaborate Boho themed weddings have taken place in the desert, in a meadow or deep in the forest.

Boho really is something, that if you’ve decided to go for it, you have to go all out. It’s all in the detail, from candy floss treats to homemade jam for gifts. You can’t go wrong when mixing in a little Moroccan flavouring, Indian colouring and vintage dressing.

Candles will be lit, flowers will be hung, scattered and placed and beautiful lanterns will line the pathways. A Boho themed wedding wouldn’t be Boho without an array of gorgeous flowers, greenery and beautiful lighting.

Have you attended a Boho themed wedding? Did you know what to expect? Let us know in the comments below!