Holly Edwards gives us her 6 top make up tips for a stress free wedding morning

It’s your wedding day! Most likely to be the biggest day of your life, when all eyes are on you and, as the bride, you are the star of the show and will want to look and feel fabulous.

You don’t want to start the day in a fluster, in a stressful environment. So plan well, down to the last detail – what you’re going to have for breakfast, who’s going to make it, what time will you eat, what time will you shower etc. I’ll share a funny story with you. When my sister got married, we had all been flapping around trying to get everything and everyone ready. 10 minutes before she walked up the aisle, she and us bridesmaids were starving, because we hadn’t stopped and had forgotten to eat. In a panic we ordered some pizza from room service. We were all in hysterics as we munched on pizza and tried not to spill tomato sauce on the wedding dress. My sister laughs now as  she recalls feeling bloated walking up the aisle!

Although it sounds a bit regimented, planning everything down to the last detail will make for a pleasant morning.

As a Make up Artist – myself and my team have spent many a morning with the bride in the delightful intimate moments of their wedding day preparations and I would like to share some important tips with you to help you look radiant and to assist with a smooth running morning which I feel is just as crucial to get right as the day itself.

1. Don’t go too crazy
As the wedding day approaches, many brides go on a mad spree of trying new beauty treatments, new products and new skin regimes. Try not to introduce anything new within 3 months of the big day, this will help prevent possible skin breakouts and will give your body and skin time to become used to any new treatments.

2. Stick to what you know
When picking your hairstyle and make up look for your day, make sure you stick to what you know and like.
There is a tendency for the bride to try and create a whole new look but it’s important to still feel like you on the day, otherwise you’ll feel uncomfortable and will feel the need to keep adjusting yourself, checking the mirror and playing with your hair.
Of course you’ll want to pick something special but try not to stray too far from who you are.

3. Let us know what you want
If you’re having your hair and make up done by a professional make up artist, gather some inspirational pictures from magazines or online to show them to use as a visual guideline of what you hope to achieve.
My creative team of make up artists also like to see pictures of what you look like when you go out to get an idea of how you usually look.

4. Pick a style, and stick with it
Try to pick a hairstyle that will last the whole day without you having to fiddle with it too much. You will have so much going on throughout the day, the last thing you want to worry about is if your hair is holding up OK. If you’re doing your hair yourself, make sure you use plenty of hair grips and take spares with you. Also, if you decide to curl your hair – use a setting spray beforehand as this will save it from dropping throughout the day.
As a hair stylist, I suggest to my clients to wash and blow dry their hair the night before if you’re putting it up on the day.
Clean hair is very silky, which makes it harder to stay put.

5. Be Prepared
The morning of the wedding can be chaotic, even if you’re super organised! Follow these little hints to help for a smooth start to the day;

* Pack your day bag the night before – include all your necessities to get you through the day – lipstick, eye liner, blotting papers, a small comb, some spare hair grips, mints and tissues.

* Create a music playlist to keep you and your bridal party relaxed and entertained.

* Draw up an itinerary a week before the big day to show the running of the morning events. My team of make up artists create their own for everyone’s makeovers to make sure the bride and bridal party are pampered in a calm and enjoyable manner. Allow plenty of time to get into your dress as this can be time consuming. We also suggest allowing 45 minutes of spare time, before you travel to your ceremony (once you are all completely ready) to have pictures taken and to enjoy a glass of bubbly with your bridesmaids and to soak in the atmosphere before the day commences.

‘The best make up a girl can wear is a smile’. It’s true. Smile, feel confident and own it – that in itself will radiate beauty.”


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