Beauty and the Blogger gives us her Wedding Makeup Top Tips

Read our first post from Beauty and the Blogger on how she plans to wear her makeup on her wedding day, giving you some inspiration and helpful advice.

I’m in the really early stages of planning my wedding at the moment, I got engaged in February and am finally going to see some venues this month. That doesn’t mean that I’m resting on my laurels though, oh no – my Pinterest boards are currently crammed with all things weddingy – from flowers, to suits, to tablecloths and wedding rings.

As a beauty blogger, obviously one of the key things that I’m thinking about is how my hair, nails and make up are going to look on the day. It’s a rare opportunity to be pampered on all fronts, all eyes are on the bride plus the photographs stay around forever so I definitely want to look my best!

I think with wedding make up one of the key things is to enhance what you’ve got rather than go too overboard and this is one time I advocate ignoring all beauty trends and going with what suits you and what you feel comfortable in – by all means experiment and try out some different looks in your make up trial in the run up to your wedding but the day itself probably isn’t the time to try something new and out there.

And after a fair bit of research I think I’ve worked out what I want – a combination of a nude smokey eye (possibly with a metallic hint or a touch of shimmer), defined, fluttery lashes, pink highlighted cheeks and a light pink gloss or lipstick.

Here’s what I’ll have as my essentials for the big day:

• Fake tan – nothing too dark or orange and definitely professionally done to give a nice golden glow and a make me feel a bit more confident on the day.

• Long lasting foundation – let’s face it (excuse the pun there!), wedding days are long. You get your make up done early before the service and it’s expected to last until the end. I know of a bride recently who had her foundation airbrushed which is something I’m going to look into nearer the time.

• False lashes – as someone who isn’t naturally blessed in the eyelash department I’ll either be getting lash extensions or wearing strip lashes on the big day. If I have strip lashes they’ll be something quite natural like MAC 7’s, Eylure 116’s or Ardell Demi Wispies.

Everything else is up for discussion really depending on how my hair, dress and mood take me!

Another aspect of my look for the big day that I think is really important is my nails – people will want to see your wedding ring and I think that what you wear on your nails can really finish your look off. Even if you’re not into nails like I am, a neutral, groomed nail will make a great backdrop for your wedding ring.

I’m planning on getting my nails done for my wedding and will probably go for something long in a traditional wedding colour like light pink or cream with some type of embellishment (probably lace or crystals).

And remember if you do want to take some make up top ups to stay looking groomed all day organise a handbag with your make up and give it to someone trustworthy to look after your bag so that you can freshen up your lip gloss or dust away any shine!

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