The Best and Worst Celebrity Wedding Dresses

We take a look at the best and worst celebrity wedding dresses and as you’d expect Katie Price and Kate Middleton take the biscuit!

It’s that moment, after the countless hours of searching and trying-on, you get that whoosh of emotion; you have found the one. The one dress that without exception out shines all those you tried on before it. Your dress exudes your personal style, it feels great, you look like the most confident woman on the planet and you are nothing but effortless beauty.

But what one jaw-dropping gorgeous dress is to you, may be an absolute non contender to another. That lace back might be the timeless style you wanted to achieve, but to another bride it looks like her Nan’s doily. Wedding guest thoughts may flitter between ‘what was she thinking?’ but the blushing bride is only thinking ‘I look like a princess!’ and when it comes to celebrity’s choice of wedding dress, we can be as critical as ever.

It would seem that the celebrity to take the crown for the worst celebrity dress goes to Katie Price, after several disastrous wedding… dresses. This repeat contender loves an over-the-top wedding dress, having been described as a ‘meringue’ when she married her second husband Alex Reid and ‘tasteless’ when she chose to wear a bright pink wedding dress when she married Peter Andre.

Other celebrities that make it to our top ‘less-favoured’ wedding dresses go to David and Victoria Beckham for their 1999 wedding and our very own Princess Diana. Both beautiful in their own way however our opinion is that Diana’s wedding dress was too busy and drowned her natural beauty. Victoria Beckenham on the other hand, as a well-known style icon may have something herself to say about her choice in wedding dress. We think the colour clashed with her groom and had an unflattering cut. If she were to marry now we can only image an elegant bold design, what do you think?

Not all celebrities get it wrong however. The celebrity wedding dresses that top the list go to the regal Kate Middleton and her royal marriage to Prince William, Jessica Ennis’ ruffled gown as she wed her childhood sweetheart and Millie Mackintosh’s vintage lace wedding dress as she exchanged vows with Professor Green. All these dresses have one thing in common and that a classic style, effortless elegance and still include that wow factor. Kate Middleton’s dress was the much talked about topic and even trended on twitter as she walked into the church with her sister Pippa Middleton in tow.

Lucky for you, your perfect dream wedding dress isn’t up for as much scrutiny from the public as these celebrities. But wouldn’t it be dull if we didn’t inject some of our style and personality into the best day of your lives. What do you say, go all out and be imaginative or head down the more classic route?

Did you take the advice of your bridal party while you were trying on your dress? Do you think it’s more important that your wants are met rather than the thoughts of others?

Image Credit: Glamour, InStyle and Gloss