Bridal Beauty Staples for Wedding makeup with Staying Power!

Our official make up partner Benefit talk us through their top tips for Wedding make up, and how to look your very best when walking down the aisle…

Congratulations to all my brides-to-be out there!

The wedding plans may well now be underway, but it’s never too early to get thinking about your wedding makeup!

Successful wedding makeup should last as long as you do; from the moment you meet your loved one down the end of the aisle, to the tear jerking champagne toasts, and of course when you hit the dance floor.

Here are some of my top tips for long lasting wedding makeup.

Websitelinedividesmaller 1. Quench your skins thirst


Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, is an oil free lightweight moisturiser that captures, maintains and develops the water reserves deep within the skin, providing long lasting comfort and nourishment.

This step is key as your skin naturally acts like a sponge, so will breakdown your makeup throughout the day.

Top tip – Really work your moisturiser into the skin then let the moisturiser settle for about five minutes before adding makeup.

Websitelinedividesmaller 2. Prime your skin to avoid slip and shine.

Keeping your makeup locked down is vital! Just think about it, you’ll be having too much of a good time to be slipping to the ladies to top up your makeup.

POREfessional primer is the perfect base for your makeup as it smooths and refines the skin, whilst also anchoring your makeup to achieve maximum longevity.

Websitelinedividesmaller 3. Oil free foundation


When choosing a foundation, opt for an oil-free formula. “Why?” I hear you ask. An oil based foundation tends to slip throughout the day, and may become shiny around your T-Zone… which isn’t ideal for your wedding pictures.

Hello flawless oxygen wow foundation is a brightening liquid foundation. You can build the coverage to achieve a natural complexion which will leave the skin looking luminous & healthy looking.

Websitelinedividesmaller 4. Brows that won’t budge


Brow styling doesn’t get any easier than with gimme brow! This long wearing, smudge proof coloured micro fibre gel comes in two shades: light/medium and medium/deep. Not only does the colour help to define but the micro fibre help to build dimension, giving a natural and fuller looking brow.

Websitelinedividesmaller 5. Get the best from your blush


Sweep a powder brush across your blush of choice and tap off any excess. With minimal blusher pigment on your brush, gently buff the blusher onto the apples of your cheeks and outwards towards the hairline in circular motions. Repeat this process for added intensity.

Top tip: If you have oily skin, I would recommend opting for a liquid tinted cheek stain, as the natural oils produced in your skin may lift a powder blush throughout the day.

Websitelinedividesmaller 6. Smudge proof mascara
Ladies, let the happy tears run freely, as they’re real! mascara has true staying power (so much so it even has its own specially formulated makeup remover). This long-wearing mascara lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts and separates lashes.

Top tip – When applying your mascara, really focus on the base of your lash line as this will provide depth. Avoid applying multiple coats of mascara to the tips of your lashes, as this tends to transfer the most. Keep it light ladies!

Websitelinedividesmaller 7. Long lasting lips

Achieving maximum longevity from your lipstick can be tricky…. even more so when using a darker shade.

But don’t worry, I have a top tip! Place a piece of tissue over your lips, hold the tissue in place, take a sheer setting powder (Agent Zero Shine), and it sweep over the tissue and repeat. By doing this, it will ensure your lipstick is set. This is vital, as your wedding day will be full of smiles and kisses!


My Final Top Tip

Kindly ask a bridesmaid to be your makeup artist for the day! Pack a touch-up kit with the essentials (blusher, lipstick, translucent powder, cotton swabs, and tissues). This will ensure you are looking fabulous from dawn to dusk.

Have any further bridal beauty questions? Reach out to me, via twitter or Instagram @lauren_benefit with #learnwithlauren