Brides Up North Advice: Say Yes To The Right Dress

Brides Up North share their best tips how to choose ‘the one’ wedding gown.

The gown is one element of a wedding that brides-to-be tend to picture first, and that some have event dreamt about from being a little girl, so it’s important to choose attire wisely.

In their search for that one special dress some ladies are fortunate to find their dream dress almost instantly, while others have to visit (and revisit) numerous boutiques before making their final decision.

While we can’t predict how long it will take, but Brides Up North can offer a little guidance on what needs to be considered when it comes to hitting those bridal boutiques…

Money Matters

It’s easy to be drawn to stunning full lace gowns and those with intricate detailing, but if the dress carries a price tag that’s well out of your league, it really is pointless, if not a little heart-breaking. To save yourself the pain, set a budget and look for designers/boutiques that fall into your price bracket as well as special events and sample sales that could result in you bagging a discounted design.

Early Bird

One panic buy you don’t want to make is your wedding dress so be sure to give yourself a suitable amount of time (usually around nine months) to shop around and have alterations made. At the same time, be careful not to start too early or you run the risk of buying something too far in advance and then see something you prefer closer to the big day.

Picture Perfect

Build up an image of the types of dresses you like using magazine cuttings and Pinterest to record your findings. As well as basing choices on your personal style preferences, also take into account elements of the wedding, such as the venue and season and how your dress might work with this in terms of its colour, fabric and design.

Bookable Boutiques

When booking appointments at bridal boutiques, make sure they stock designers that you like, that are within your budget and that go up to your size. If you have your heart set on trying on a certain design ring ahead and make sure they stock it. Once you have made your bookings be sure to go along prepared with suitable nude underwear and heels of a height similar to what you plan to wear on your wedding day so you can see how the dress falls.

Keep An Open Mind

During the search if a bridal shop owner or assistant suggests trying on something you wouldn’t pick out yourself, don’t dismiss it straight away. These people are experts in the field, and don’t forget, a dress can look completely different on the hanger to what it does when it’s on.

Don’t Crowd Me

You need to select your dress shopping companions carefully. It’s advisable to take just two or three people when trying on dresses in the early stages. For most it’s a combination of their mum, sisters, best friend and/or nan. Basically the people whose opinion you value the most. What you need is honest and reliable thoughts, not confusing and conflicting opinions.

Be True To Yourself

Ultimately the final decision comes down to you so trust your instinct and don’t be swayed by others. You might not have that teary, speechless, dramatic moment, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident with your choice. When you do find ‘the one’ be sure to order it in the size you currently are, not what you aim to be. Organising a wedding can be stressful enough without putting yourself under added pressure to drop several dress sizes before the big day. If you do lose weight in the meantime, you can always have the dress taken in.

Above all remember that shopping for your wedding dress should be an exciting and memorable experience so keep calm and enjoy!

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