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Our Official Blogger for The North West Wedding Fair can’t wait to explore our Inspired Bakes wedding cake showcase

There are some tasks couples look forward to more than others when planning their big day, picking the cake being one of them.

While the cake has always been a key element of a wedding, the confectionery boundaries are being pushed further than ever before as couples strive for a highly desirable dessert that tastes as good as it looks.

There are traditional iced tiered cakes, rustic naked cakes and elegant hand-painted designs to choose from, not to mention the likes of cupcakes, macaroon towers and cake pops. So how is one supposed to pick from the never-ending options?

It might be that some couples are fortunate enough to have a star baker of Mary Berry standards in their friend and family circles who will happily create a culinary masterpiece for the big day. Alternatively couples may choose to go down the DIY route by having a fete-style cake table with homemade submissions from numerous guests for all to enjoy.

But other sweet-toothed couples will need to find a professional to make their wedding cake dream a reality. As with any supplier a good place to start is with recommendations, whether it’s from people you know or online testimonials. You will also want to see up-to-date examples of their work and have a rough idea of their price bracket to ensure it fits in with your budget – wonderful wedding cakes don’t come cheap.

Different suppliers tend to specialise in different areas, such as traditional, modern, novelty, rustic etc, so it’s also worth thinking about the style of cake you would like when drawing up your shortlist. This is an opportunity to express elements of your personality while also incorporating areas of your wedding theme. So for example you might want the detailing of the cake to reflect your chosen colour palette while the flavours could be favourites of yours rather than the default fruit cake – think coffee and walnut, Victoria sponge and lemon drizzle. I can’t wait to visit the Inspired Bakes section of The North West Wedding Fair this spring. With inspiration from some of the area’s finest bakers, what better place to start?

When considering the design do bear in mind that the more intricate the detailing the higher the price tag as it will take longer to create. To save money elsewhere and increase the cake budget, you could serve it up as dessert rather than forking out for a separate pudding.

Once you have ideas in place and a shortlist of suppliers you can make appointments to discuss your thoughts in more detail and to enjoy those all-important tastings. As with all suppliers you want to be able to trust the person making your cake and feel that they can achieve what you are asking of them.

Your final decision will ultimately come down to who you got the best vibes from along with whose work meets the grade in terms of taste and appearance and which price is right. Be sure to enquire about delivery and set up to avoid any cake chaos when the big day arrives.

On the wedding day display the cake for all to see on its own specially decorated table to ensure it’s a focal point and don’t forget the classic Kodak cake-cutting shot so it makes it into your album of memories.


Images © Cat Hepple Photography