DIY From Creative Brides

Creative Brides will be running the Craft Corner at the show, with DIY tutorials just like this one!

DIY From Creative Brides

These are really simple to do and can be used as names settings on your tables and/or favour boxes.

You will need:


• Paper doilies (you can pick these up in your local supermarket)
• Craft boxes (we got these as Hobby Craft)
• Double-sided tape
• Scissors


Step one:
Place double-sided tape along one side of the box. We’ve done it in two places as our doily design is quite ornate and needs some extra sticking to stop it flapping around.

Step two:
Peal the tape back to leave the sticky side. Carefully place your doily where you need it to press down. Cut of the remainder of the doily using the scissors. You can use the rest of the doily on another if they are big enough.

Step three:
Trip your doily using your scissors where needed. Handwrite a little message or name on the box and fill with treats.

Filling ideas:
Bridesmaid gifts
Table games


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Check out the timetable for their tutorials at this weekend’s show here: