Don’t underestimate which aspects of your wedding are worth the cost

There are lots of things to plan when getting married and the one thing that you must always think about is how everything will fit into your budget.

By Chezzie Le Choux, Specialist Cake Store

Everyone wants their dream wedding but we all have a budget and this often means we have to be a little pickier about where our cash goes.

There’s a real buzz at the moment with DIY wedding fever in the air but before you jump in headfirst remember this checklist;

1. Will it be in my photos?

2. If it doesn’t work out at the last minute do I have a back-up?

3. Does it impact on my time?

4. Is it worth the saving?

Avoid the last minute panic of “we don’t have time to bake cupcakes” and “ my friend made the cake and it was awful”. The last thing you want to happen is the local hotel calling because a cake had been delivered by a friend of the bride and it had collapsed!

You wouldn’t think twice about going to a professional for your dress, so make sure you minimise your stress and do the same with your cake.

Somewhere you probably can cut back is to try and get several services from one supplier, or try and use suppliers that will offer discounts if when you go with an affiliated company. Most places will allow you to pay in instalments and often you can have an open account that can be added to your gift list to help pay for those bits you just can’t live without.

Don’t be afraid to ask your supplier the question, is there any way we can cut back on price, if you buy favours and a cake, would there be a discount? Is delivery free? All these extras soon add up and before you know it you have wangled enough change from your cake to start a Jimmy Choo fund!

Hen/stag Parties can get pretty pricey too, it can be hectic trying to organise travel, activities and board for a group of people so make sure you do this well in advance. Look at venues that offer inclusive drinks or bring your own! Chezzie Le Choux offers Free bride Places and lots of other incentives. Just remember to check the reviews too – don’t get bamboozled with a great price but an inferior product.

Image credited to Cake Wrecks