Why you should have an engagement shoot

Arusha’s Images Photography looks at why couples should choose to have an engagement shoot before their big day.

So, you are going to get married, you have hired an awesome photographer because you love their images, you’re going to get lots of amazing photographs from your once in a lifetime wedding day. Perfect! All good, but, wait a minute, how did you get to this point of actually getting married?

You got engaged that’s what. That is just massive! It should be celebrated!

I often get asked what an engagement shoot is for, or what it involves, or why my couple should have one.  Well, it’s such a short and magic time in your life.  I know that every time I look back at images from my own engagement shoot I smile the hugest biggest smile inside and out, and that’s 5 years ago and 2 children later…and I know I’ll keep smiling that smile for the rest of my life.  I want you to have images full of joy from that time too.

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After all, you knew in that moment of getting engaged that you absolutely most definitely one hundred million percent were there with the love of your life, your soul mate, the only person in this world that you want to spend the rest of your time on earth with, to share your whole self with today, tomorrow and for ever. That is one truly astoundingly wonderful thing, and one of life’s most precious moments. You need that captured by your specially chosen photographer. Then as you do go through the rest of your lives together with the person who completes you, you’ll always be able to look back at that time close to when you were engaged (or if you’re super organised your actual moment of getting engaged..but that’s for another blog!). You’ll have precious images which celebrate and show your love for one another, because photographs are not just to celebrate now, they are to look back on together for ever, to even show your grandchildren in future, to tell them the story of your engagement, and look at their parents when their love was young.

So do have an engagement shoot.

As you may have gathered, as a person and a photographer, I love LOVE, and adore photographing it, and all that is why I want to capture engagement photographs for you.

So that’s the real reason to I want all my couple to experience an engagement shoot, but there’s lots of other secondary benefits too.

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You can also have a load of fun on an engagement shoot, you can go back to where you were engaged, or just somewhere meaningful, maybe where you had your first date, where you first said “I love you”, perhaps it’s just That Place where the two of you just connect and have space for yourselves, or somewhere you simply just want to be photographed in because it is beautiful or an awesome space.

Don’t be afraid of asking to do something as part of your shoot, maybe you want to go for a hike, a boat trip, bake a cake, or just enjoy a coffee at a café while you’re serenaded by your future husband or wife.

engagement 2


Your engagement shoot is a fabulous opportunity to get to know your photographer better, and for them to get to know you as a couple a little more. After all, your photographer will probably be there for the whole of your wedding day, that’s a day that will fly by, but that is also a long time to have someone around that you don’t know. I love it when my wedding couples feel like they’ve had a friend photographing them, someone they feel comfortable and at ease with. I take a lot of natural story-telling images in the background at weddings, but you will have your posed ones too, and when photographing these, and the intimate getting ready images, you will be feeling super happy that you had that engagement shoot time.


It’s not just about getting comfortable with your photographer, it’s also getting comfortable in front of the camera, most people have never been photographed by a professional photographer before. As you travel through the journey of your engagement shoot you will open up, laugh and giggle, and be able to really be yourselves and show your love for each other; which your photographer is there ready to capture for you.

You will look amazing on your wedding day, but your engagement shoot can also be an excuse to dress up, or to not, to just wear your favourite outfits that you love each other in, that are just YOU.


You’ll get fabulous photographs of yourself, that you could even use for save the date cards, for a signature frame, as presents for your parents on your wedding day..and or yourselves, a gorgeous big canvas above your bed at home celebrating your love for one another, and making you smile every day.

So, do have an engagement shoot, indulge yourself a little, and you will get pre-wedding images to treasure for ever xx


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