How to make your bridal make up stay all day!

Shelley from Shelley Scott make up tells us all her top tips on how to make your bridal make up stay perfect all day. One of…

Shelley from Shelley Scott make up tells us all her top tips on how to make your bridal make up stay perfect all day.

One of the biggest concerns Brides have when it comes to their makeup is ‘Will it last all day?’ and rightly so! You should be far too busy enjoying yourself to be worrying about your makeup. If you’re lucky enough to have a professional makeup artist on the day, they should have an army of products and hopefully a wealth of experience to help you with this. However, if you’re getting married abroad, in a remote location or would simply rather do your own makeup for your big day, then hopefully some of my professional tips and tricks will come in handy to ensure your makeup looks good from morning until the wee hours.

Here’s the top 5 problems I’m often asked about…

  • Problem: ‘My eyeshadows creases and look dull’

Solution: Use an eyeshadow primer. Apply a very thin layer to your eyelid to help eyeshadows stay in place, look more vibrant and avoid creasing. Use powder eyeshadows instead of cream formulas.

  • Problem:My eyeliner and mascara always smudge’

Solution: For weddings (and all the tears that come with them) waterproof eyeliners and mascaras are a must. If you’re using gel or liquid liner then try ‘setting’ them in place with a black or brown powder eyeshadow depending on the colour you’ve used (same goes for brow products too!).

  • Problem: “My under-eye concealer creases and/or emphasises fine lines”

Solution: Less is more. Apply an eye cream and leave it for 5 minutes to absorb then use a teeny tiny amount of eyeshadow primer underneath the eye apply a thin liquid concealer that’s designed for under eyes and then very gently dab a tiny amount of setting powder underneath your eyes using a clean eyeshadow brush.

  • Problem: “ My foundation doesn’t last or goes patchy”

Solution: This is where a good skin care routine of regular cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and masks should pay off. However, for extra insurance… use a thin oil-free moisturiser on the big day (oiler/heavier moisturisers will dissolve your makeup, making it separate and go patchy). Use a face primer that matches your skin type i.e. hydrating or mattifying. If you’re oily choose a matt foundation or if you’re dry, choose a moisturising foundation. Apply your foundation in very thin layers with a brush or a sponge and finally, gently set with a setting powder then a setting spray.

  • Problem: “ My lipstick doesn’t last”

Solution: No lipstick in the world can withstand 12 hours of kissing, drinking and eating. All you can do here is buy a long-lasting lipstick (matts tend to stick around longer) and keep it with you for touch-ups all day. Before applying, make sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated. Blot-away any excess lip balm with a tissue, then apply a lip liner in the same colour as your lip stick all over your lips. This avoids the dreaded lip liner rim around your mouth and creates a stain-like base to help your lipstick stay put.

Last but not least do a test run! Apply all your makeup exactly as you’re going to wear it on the big day. Take photos with and without a flash and check your makeup in the mirror throughout the day.

Find out more tips and tricks from Shelley at the North East Wedding Fair on stand D26 and visit her website here.