How To: Summer Wedding Hair with Official Backstage Hairstylists, blow LTD

Despite the rainy weather, it’s still summer – and we’re keeping the faith that the sun will come back! Rain or not, wedding hair…

Despite the rainy weather, it’s still summer – and we’re keeping the faith that the sun will come back! Rain or not, wedding hair at this time should still feel summery. No one likes a sausage curl, and scraped-back updos are just too rigid. Surely there’s got to be a perfect hairstyle for the summer bride (that’s still fancy enough for your big day) out there!? We sent an SOS to our fabulous hair stylist Joshua Murphy, and he delivered THE summer wedding look. A Brigitte-inspired half-updo that’s all volume up top and soft waves down below. What the Evening Standard calls “Not quite up, not quite down, totally in” – the ultimate hybrid of wedding hair and relaxed summer style.

Follow Joshua’s easy step by step below for easy summer wedding hair in 1, 2, 3…


Prep hair by applying Kerastase Ciment Thermique to mid-lengths and ends to hydrate and heat protect. Then use Kerastase Mousse Bouffant to lift and volumise roots and mid-lengths.


Divide hair at the back of the head into three sections, one top section, and two at the nape of the neck. Leave the hair around the front hairline free.


Divide the top section of the hair into two sections and blowdry each with a rounded brush, curving the hair around the barrel and moving the brush up and down the hair to create a soft curl. After blowdrying, wrap the section around two fingers to create a roll and pin it with a clip to hold it in place. Blow dry the rest of the hair normally, using a brush to smooth any flyaways.

Your two sections should look like this:


Take the ghd Classic Curl Tong and curl the lower sections of the hair. Hold the tong vertically and place a section of hair under the clamp, curved away from the face. Then gently pull the tong along the hair, lightly moving the clamp to let the hair move easily around the tong, twisting the tong as you go so the hair rolls around the barrel.


Unpin your two top sections and spray Redken Quick Tease into the roots at the crown of the head.


Backcomb the hair at the crown of the head – where you want your bouffant to sit – and then secure with a clear elastic to create your half-up style. Make sure you leave a front piece of hair free so you can place it later in the most flattering position.

7. PIN

Take a section of hair from just underneath where you’ve secured your hair with an elastic. Wrap it around the secured section to hide the elastic band.


Take a soft bristle brush and brush out the hair to soften your curls and smooths flyaways. Use it to take the front section of hair left loose and secure it at the back with pins. Finish with a fine veil of hairspray.

Et voila! Perfect summer event hair!


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