A guide to looking your best on your wedding day

Flossy and Leigh, Hair & Make-up specialists, and official hair stylist for The North West Wedding Fair catwalk, give their top tips on how to look your best on your big day.

A guide to looking your best on your wedding day
  1. 1. Preparation & Research:  Get the most out of your trial and from your styling team. Ensure you research your hair & makeup artist thoroughly to ensure they have plenty of experience with wedding mornings. They will need to be familiar with the pattern and order of events of a wedding morning, so as to ensure they factor in plenty of time for dressing and photos before the ceremony. Always ensure they provide you with a styling schedule, or if they fail to do so, or simply don’t offer that service, then make sure you provide them with one, after chatting to your photographer on what time  he/she needs you ready for. Timing will be everything.
    *As a rough guide, aim to be completely finished with styling and ready to dress no later than 30 minutes before the ceremony.
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Chapter Photography


  1. 2. Travel Considerations:  Ideally, try to select a styling company or stylist who will travel out to you on your venue on the morning. You really don’t want to be travelling between locations throughout the morning to have your hair or makeup done. Try to keep it all in the one place with all your immediate bridal party. That said – also double check with your venue what the earliest time is that you can enter to be styled, as often it isn’t possible for your stylists to move locations throughout the morning, as timings are usually very tight. If you’re staying very far away from your stylist’s base, and especially if it is during the worst weather months for snow or floods, always prepare to arrange accommodation nearby your styling venue the evening before, to ensure your stylist will definitely be there for you.



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Chapter Photography


    1. 3. Arranging a trial:  Once you’ve selected your stylist (MUA and/or hair stylist), arrange the trial for at least three months before the wedding, as this will allow for hair to be grown, dyed, trimmed etc as a result of what your stylists recommends following the practice and discussion.


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    1. 4. Try not to buy your hair accessory before the hair trial, as your chosen accessory may not work with the hairstyle that ends up flattering you the most. That said, always take photos of a hairstyle that you want to try and think you’d like, but keep an open mind, because if what you had your heart set on just isn’t suiting you, it’s best just to opt for something that really makes you look your best and flatters both your face shape and makes the most of your hair type. Encourage your stylist to be honest with you.

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    1. 5. Be realistic on what you want with your hair. If you show a photo of someone with long blonde wavy/curled hair,  which used masses of hair extensions, and yet you have fine, short /mid -length hair that refuses to hold a curl, your stylist will not be able to miraculously make your hair hold a curl and promise you it will hold. Of course it won’t. They will use setting sprays and set it in a way to give it the best fighting chance, but just be realistic so that you’re not disappointed.


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    1. 6. Ideally take a veil (you can borrow one from a friend, or your bridal shop) to your hair trial, unless your stylist keeps one with him/her for that purpose.


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    1. 7. Ask your Make-up Artist for the name of any lip product used at the trial, so you are able to touch lips up throughout the wedding day, as lips are often the only thing that doesn’t last.


    1. 8. Choosing the right make-up for your skin: If you know you have oily skin, mention this to your MUA at the trial so he/she can prime your skin with the appropriate product, and then set it accordingly. However, if you know you are excessively oily, and will always get shiny by the evening, ensure you take a pressed powder or blotting powder to dab on, as and when necessary.


    1. 9. FORGET POLITENESS! After the trial, you ought to go away, see how it all wears for the day,  and then contact your stylist with any feedback. This is just as important as what you say when you are actually there at the trial. I.e. if your hair drops too quickly, tell them, they can tighten the curl, or if the makeup breaks down in certain areas, the Make-up Artist then knows in order to tweak your notes so he/she can combat that. THAT IS WHAT THE TRIAL IS FOR, – so you can see what works and what doesn’t.


  1. 10. Have an emergency vanity box on-hand. As is common practice at most weddings nowadays, try to ensure you have an emergency vanity box in the toilets or a bedroom at your venue. I would recommend you always keep the following items in there:
    • pressed powder
    • your lipgloss/lipstick
    • hair spray
    • comb
    • kirby grips
    • safety pins
    • sewing kit
    • plasters
    • rennies
    • paracetamol
    • foot rescue pads
    • deodorant
    • *For ultimate luxury, try to put out a pair of straighteners and/or a hair wand for any hair disasters that may strike you or your guests.


Above all, remember he won’t love you any less or refuse to marry you if a hair won’t curl, or your nose gets shiny. Never lose sight of the real reason you are there. If you prepare enough in advance, you should be able to hand over to your styling team with complete confidence on the morning, and then you can just enjoy the rest of your day, knowing you look your absolute best.

Good luck to all the future brides out there awaiting their magical day.

Phoebe and the Flossy & Leigh team xxx



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