Making the Most of Your Guest’s Photos

With social media full of wedding images, we look at the best ways for you and your guests to preserve your big day memories forever.

Although you’ve hired a good photographer for your wedding, guest’s photos are being increasingly overlooked. Back in the day it was not uncommon for each table at the wedding reception to be adorned with film cameras for guests to snap away throughout the evening – but today these are often costly and laborious to print and then create into photo albums.

So instead we’ve resorted to guest photos being stored on social media, relentlessly tagging our family and friends in an effort for our memories to be cherished and kept safe; but how safe are they really on these platforms? We have no idea how long these digital platforms will be around for, and what happens to all those photos if they suddenly disappeared?

“There’s something so beautiful about actually holding a photograph…”

Not only is the safety of our photos at risk but also the quality and charm. In years to come when your children and grandchildren ask you about your life will you want to hand them an iPad to swipe through photos, cold and hard, or would you rather give them printed photos to flick through, soft and real? There’s something so beautiful about actually holding a photograph, feeling the thick paper between your fingers as you look through memories and years of happiness. A snapshot in time, held captive forever within a tangible object that can be felt and loved.

Having your guest’s photos printed is the only way to make the most of them, so here are a few ideas that are sure to inspire you on your big day!

1. Create a hashtag
Collect all of your guest’s photos on social media by getting them to use a specific hashtag – something like #MrandMrsSmith – this way you will be able to find all of their images from the day without having to rifle through their social media profiles. Saving you time collating them before getting them printed. An added bonus will be the addition of those Instagram filters making your photos look better!

2. Guest-made scrapbook
Hire a photo booth or buy some Polaroid cameras and get your guests to stick their photos directly into a scrapbook, complete with a pot of Sharpies and stickers so that they can personalise them with a message much like a conventional guest book. No need for you to waste time printing and sticking them yourself!

3. Go old school

Adorn your wedding tables with disposable cameras, it will encourage guests to get trigger happy throughout the day and capture more of those unique moments. Just be cautious that as the night gets darker and the drinks start flowing that a finger over the lens or a faulty flash are all too common!

4. Photo books
Use a photo book app such as My SnappBook to encourage guests to create readymade photo books straight from their phones. Pre buy a number of them and give your guests a unique discount code – have them delivered direct to your address so they’re waiting for you once you’re back from your honeymoon!

By Talia Maguire

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