The morning of your Big Day – A survival guide

Bespoke Occasions share their tips how to plan the morning of your wedding.

We feel it’s a great honour to be part of our brides special day and over the years have found a few things that have helped our Brides relax and enjoy the getting ready as much as the rest of the day.

The build up to the wedding day can be very stressful so make sure the morning of the wedding is as calm as possible.

Have your makeup trial done during daylight hours and an early in the day as you can. This will give you the confidence it will last on the day.
You should try many different hair styles in the one session as possible, it’s worth trying ones you may not have considered. It’s a bit like trying on wedding dresses, you will try on more than one in the shop to get the right shape for you and it should be the same with hair. Take lots of photos this will ensure your look will be perfect on your wedding day.


Having your Hair and Make-up professionally done at your home or venue on the day means no fighting through traffic to get to a salon or trying to do it yourself and it not going quite right or worry about makeup coming off, all helps to take your stress away!

Make sure you have a well timed hair and make up schedule to get the bridal party ready on time not only for photos and possibly traveling but taking time you and your party to relax and have fun while getting ready.

Always wash and condition your hair on the morning of the wedding. You will feel cleaner and fresher. Enjoy that time in the shower or bath in the morning shutting the rest of the world out and relax. Remember no makeup just moisturise ready for your artist.

Make a play list of all your favourite songs that you and your girls have always enjoyed while getting ready for a nightly day out.

Food is a vitally important part of the day. We don’t want anyone fainting!! Have as much breakfast as you can and then just pick at just small things that are easy to eat like strawberries, bread sticks, chocolate and any thing else you feel you may want. Its a long time between breakfast and the Wedding Breakfast.

Have a bottle of bubbles on ice ready for a glass before you go.

A Dressing service on the day of the wedding, assisting the bride in putting on the gown shoes and any other accessories and helping bridesmaids/attendants into their gowns and with smaller details such as pinning on corsages, button holes and any other last minute things is something that can be done by someone who is not part of the wedding party, so everyone can relax.

Having an emergency kit of items like scissors. Cotton and thread, wipes, plasters and dress tape has also been invaluable.

Packing bag the night before that is going off to your venue so there are no last minute panics.

Hair and Make-Up is actually one of the most affordable services you can book for your wedding. Lets be honest, most people won’t spend much time looking at your place cards, but they will be looking at you, the bride, in person and in your photos…

We have always felt it not just about Hair and Make-Up it’s about getting you ready!

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