How to plan your wedding in just 7 months!

A Real Bride’s Guide wedding blog is about creating and celebrating weddings which are just a little bit different. By newly married journalist, Mrs Robertson.

By Kelly Robertson, A Real Brides Guide

I had reached the grand age of 33 before I heard those magical words, “will you marry me?”. So, there was never going to be a lengthy engagement once I had that sparkly trilogy diamond ring on my finger!

Literally days after the dreamy proposal (sat at the same restaurant table where we’d had our first date three years before), I had stocked up on wedding magazines and had bought a chunky notebook to start the planning. My mum still says of our October announcement: “When you said you were going to get married in June, I didn’t think you meant the next June!”

A week of brainstorming ideas with my fiancé on holiday followed and the ball was well and truly rolling. We booked our wedding for June 1…just seven months after our engagement. But, do you know what, there wasn’t an ounce of stress or panic during those very short months. Here’s a few tips on putting together your dream, stress-free wedding in less than a year…

  • Decide from the outset what is important to you both and agree to stick to your guns. This is YOUR wedding and it should suit you both. As soon as you allow outside influences, you will find yourselves stressed, panicked and wasting valuable time
  • Spend time at the very start discussing ideas together – who the bridesmaids will be, what colours and style of outfits you like for them and the men, a theme for the day, a shortlist of venue ideas, etc. This will enable you to hit the ground running, without wasting time umming and ahhing over every detail
  • Work together as a couple, after all, that’s what you’re signing up for! Help each other out, work through decisions together – remember a wedding is about celebrating your love so enjoy the planning process and don’t let it cause arguments. Disagreements simply prolong the process and waste precious time.
  • If you’re not the most organised person or you have little spare time, bring in some trusted friends or relatives who will carry out tasks to your wishes, taking some of the pressure off of you
  • Get the major suppliers booked asap – venue, photographer, videographer, florist, caterer. You can discuss the finer details of your day with them later, getting them booked for your date is a major tick off your to-do list and will ease the pressure
  • Keep in control. Don’t sit back and let the slow response of guests or suppliers niggle you. Get on the phone and chase them up! Again, all the while you wait for people to come to you, you are wasting valuable time. Your wedding is not top of the priority list for your guests, they will get around to responding in a slower time than you need
  • Above all else, take deep breaths and don’t let the size of the task overwhelm you! It all works itself out in the end and on the day itself you’ll just be thrilled to have got married, not a lot else matters!