The Most Popular Questions From The ExCel Wedding Fair

Mobile Bar Hire reflect on their weekend at the London ExCeL Wedding Fair and answer your top questions about Wedding bar hire.

Having provided portable bars for weddings up and down the country for over 10 years, the members of our team we sent to the ExCel London Wedding Fair last weekend were surprised at how little soon-to-be brides and grooms knew about our industry. We feel as though it is our duty to answer the most popular questions Mobile Bar Hire were asked over the two day period.

‘What is bar hire?’

It does what it says on the tin! If your venue is without a bar or the current bar lacks enthusiasm, you can hire a portable bar counter which injects life and substance into the venue. With 28 different styles of counter we know no two events are the same and your preference is final. ‘Bar Hire’ can then be split into wet and dry bar hire – the latter being simply the hire of the bar, equipment and staff alone where you can then stock the counter yourself. Wet bars are simply cash bars (where your guests pay for their beverages) or free bar (where a tab is arranged or a price per head is set).

‘Do you offer cocktail bartenders?’

In a nutshell – yes, we do. Whether you are looking for a cocktail hen night or cocktail bar at your reception, you can hire our staff alone or incorporate cocktails into a full bar hire service.

‘How long do ice bars last?’

Ice bars will leave your guests in awe as they are served a cool cocktail or a refreshing beer from a solid structure of frozen goodness! However, many worry this wonder may be short-lived as the ice begins to melt away leaving a large, cold patch on the floor. The reality is actually rather different as ice bars last for a minimum of 8 hours – plenty of time to indulge in your favourite tipple and have a dance!

‘Will you serve my drinks?’

When it comes to serving your drinks, we are more than happy to oblige. Our bar staff are more than happy to be serve your drinks to your guests on a dry bar hire basis.

Need to know more about bar hire as a service? Contact Mobile Bar Hire or come and see us at the Champagne Bar at the upcoming Bluewater Wedding Fair.

‘How was Excel Wedding Fair?’

The Excel London Wedding Fair was amazing! With over 100 stands offering some great products and services to ensure every bride & grooms day goes to plan, the atmosphere was such that everything from car hire through to the honeymoon could all have been booked on one day. Every stand was busy with potential clients being given information on the various aspects of planning a wedding. Overall the show as very, very informative and thorough.