Rain on your wedding day

Maria Assia from Maria Assia Photography looks at how to deal with rain on your wedding day.

Ok, so the weather forecast looks bad, your grandmother tells you she’s been feeling the bad weather coming on in her bones for months, and it’s been chucking it down on and off since 5am.

If you’re worried about rain on your wedding day, believe me, you’re not alone. Remember Alanis? Wouldn’t it be ironic? You’ve been planning this day for ages, and then? You get up in the morning and you see their predictions about rain on your wedding day have come true… Nooooooooo!

We worry about the weather in this country so much on a daily basis anyway; we talk about it at work, at home, at the bus stop, at the gym… you name it. So it’s no surprise that you literally obsess about the weather when it comes to you wedding day too.

Believe it or not, it’s one of the concerns that I hear most often from brides, alongside falling flat on your face at the end of the aisle and forgetting your vows (which both are definitely a lot worse than rain on your wedding day if you ask me, and also happen a LOT less often).


However, since we live in the UK where it rains 108 to 205 days a year (according to the Met Office), and you’re most likely getting married here, I won’t lie, it is likely to rain on your wedding day, even if just for a short part of it.

But, I’m also here to tell you that just because it rains on your wedding day, it doesn’t have to mean that your day won’t be amazing, or that you’ll end up with crappy wedding photos.

In fact, there are actually several pros to having less than blazing sunshine on your wedding day.

Don’t believe me? Here are just a few:

The pros of rain on your wedding day:

1. You won’t be (as) hot. Most wedding dresses are made up of very tight corsets and lots of layers. And they are heavy. Seriously heavy. It’s most likely the heaviest, most layered tight dress you’ll ever wear. You will have to carry that around all day, stand in it, walk in it and dance in it. Now imagine that at 35C or more realistically 25C. It’s like your very own wearable sauna that you can’t get away from.

So a bit of drizzle and a breeze will seem like a welcome gift to you as your excitement and/or nerves threaten to break through your deodorant when you head to your wedding ceremony. And it will also feel nice when you’re standing there for your group shots while Aunt Bessie and Uncle Trevor crash the 5th group shot in a row because the day is all about them of course.


2. And on the subject of group shots – when was the last time squinting into the blazing sunshine looked good on anybody? And just look at the shadows that your nose, eyebrows and chin create on your face and neck the next time you’re standing in strong sunshine. Or how about the sunglasses your guests want to wear when it’s really sunny? Would you like those in all of your group shots too? Nope.

Of course there are things your photographer can do – search for open shade, shoot into the sun and use fill flash to magic those shadows away, but let’s be honest, blazing hot sunshine might feel great for your friends who are wearing spaghetti strap dresses, but neither you nor your photographer will love it.

Don’t get me wrong. Strong light can be amazing for photos. Strong afternoon light and sunset light can look gorgeous shining through your veil or dress, and framing you and your gorgeous man’s face. Ahhhhh, it’s the stuff of dreams!

Ok, between you and me, as a girl from the Mediterranean, I much prefer dry hot weather, but shhhhhhhh, that’s a story for another time.

3. Rain can be the best prop you can find on your wedding day. When it’s lit right, rain can look amazing in your photos.

Also when it rains, people drop their guard a lot faster, they run, jump over puddles, they lunge into cars or the church and they laugh out loud, which looks much more fun and natural.

4. People will come up with the funniest reasons why rain on your wedding day is fine. From it being lucky, to it meaning that your marriage will run smoothly like on water, to the rain drops in your bridal bouquet being indirectly proportional to the tears you will cry during you marriage. Most cultures have some story to make you feel better about rain on your wedding day. The most recent one I’ve heard was that rain on your wedding day represents your ex’ tears about you getting married. HAHAHAHA! Good one. Have a good laugh! It’ll relax you if nothing else.


So what can you do about rain on your wedding day?

Here are my tips to keep in mind for a rainy wedding day so you don’t feel too stressed if it does rain:

1. Commit! It will make your photos awesome. Don’t worry about your dress too much (WHAAAAAT?). After your ceremony, the main part’s over. Your dress will get a little dirty anyway (trust me on this – you should see it at the end of the night!), and you’re only wearing it on THIS ONE DAY. And what are dry-cleaners for?! Seriously!

2. Bring wellies. Even if the weather report says it’s going to be sunny, bring them. It’s a couple more items that can make all the difference should the weather report be wrong. That way you don’t have to worry about your gorgeous shoes getting muddy either and wellies are fun to photograph too.

3. If you don’t have wellies or you don’t want to lug them along, opt for flip flops. Same thing in green, if you know what I mean.

4. Bring an umbrella or a parasol. If you plan it beforehand, you can buy a really pretty one that you love, which will make you feel so much less grumpy about the rain and it can double up as a prop for creative night shots too. Rock your gorgeous stuff!

5. Choose a venue that works well in all seasons. Most venues lend themselves to both great and bad weather, but some don’t. Keep possible bad weather in mind when you’re looking around possible wedding venues and thinking about your wedding photos. Of course your wedding photographer will make anything work if they’re good, but a venue that ‘works for its money’ is worth its weight in gold.


6. Hire a hair and make up artist that knows what they’re doing and chat to them about bad weather options beforehand. A great hair and make up person will advise you if the weather is too bad and will help you choose a hair do that won’t blow away in 3.2 seconds. They will use products that will keep it looking as fabulous at the end of the day as it will in the morning. They will use water-resistant and waterproof products, that won’t run, so your make up will stay put and glorious, independent of whether that’s rain or happy tears running down your cheeks.

7. Trust your photographer. They’ve done this before (if you’ve booked me, I guarantee it). I might have soaking wet shoes, but I will do anything to get the best shots for you. I have laid lengthwise in muddy puddles, knelt down in squelching dirt and laid on my back on wet grit. I will get the best shots possible for you, I promise, if you trust me and come along for the ride. As one of my grooms put it: “It wouldn’t be a shoot with Maria, if she weren’t knee deep in mud!” Haha, I couldn’t have said it better myself. (Btw, I am usually the only one who gets wet and muddy, and you will look as gorgeous after your shoot as before)

8. If all else fails and it really comes down in buckets a good photographer can always set up your group shots indoors. If your venue allows it, you can have your guests throw your confetti inside too and you can also have your couple shots indoors. All of this is possible and will result in equally beautiful photos that you will love forever.

Keep these things in mind and don’t let the weather worry you too much. Embrace the forecast and the weather and just enjoy your wedding day whatever it may be. You probably won’t notice it anyway as you’ll be too happy and loved up to care.

And if you want somebody who isn’t scared of a little rain and will actually make the most of it, then give me a shout.

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