The rise of the themed wedding…

Whether they end up as Elsa from Frozen or Princess Fiona from Shrek, brides across the globe are changing tradition and having themed weddings more than ever over the past 10 years. We look at some of the more tasteful options, and some that are best left in a world of fantasy…

They say there’s someone for everyone – we say there’s a wedding for everyone once you’ve found that someone, as the demand for theme weddings grows the world over. Whether you fall down the rabbit hole and join Alice in Wonderland, or sink your teeth into a vampire themed wedding, the only limitations to your big day are your imagination (and how silly you’re willing to make yourself look).

An easy place to start – as it’s becoming increasingly common – is at Hogwarts with Harry Potter.
How would you feel, donning an amber and burgundy scarf and marrying the Gryffindor of your dreams? How about jumping on your broomstick and tying the knot with a Hufflepuff?
A quick google will astound you at how many options are already out there for Harry Potter fans, including magic wand favours, themed decorations and even actors dressed as your favourite characters to dot around the wedding to entertain guests, meaning your dream marriage can be organised before you can reach for your wand and say “Wingardium Leviosa!”

If lightsabers are more your style and you’ve fallen for a Wookie rather than a wizard; drop the broomstick and travel to a galaxy far, far away where just as many people are marrying in Star Wars themed weddings. There’s a whole universe of ideas with this one, as stormtroopers guard the entrance to the reception and lightsabers light up the dance floor for the first dance. Possibly one for the groom, some brides may not feel comfortable walking down the aisle dressed as Princess Leia, but one thing’s for sure: nobody’s going to forget your big day for a long time to come!

On the classier side of things we’ve found Florida based bridal retailer Alfred Angelo, who has set about recreating tasteful, real life versions of onscreen princess dresses with his ‘Disney Fairy Tale Bridal’ collection. We were worried these would sway towards the Katie Price spectrum of things, but in a surprisingly tasteful range you can find a host of Disney princesses accounted for; Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and even Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’ all have designs in Angelo’s range. What you get are beautiful real life homages to the animated dresses that definitely wouldn’t look out of place when coming down the aisle to meet your Prince Charming. Prices start at around $1,300 (£829) but some are only available on a price request basis, so we suspect the prices can creep up a little. Perfect for those who want a small piece of their interests in the wedding, but don’t want it to take over the day.

There are a few obvious benefits to a theme wedding: it’s a great way to keep the price down. Why spend thousands on tailored decorations when you can make them yourself or order them from the internet pretty cheaply? The average cost of a wedding sits at just over £22,000 but we’ve seen several themed days cost as little as £3,500 or below – an astounding 85% saving on the average wedding day! It’s also a pretty sure fire way to make sure your day sticks in peoples minds for years to come – with countless options of costumes, music and decorations available .
Furthermore, and most importantly, it’s fun! It’s your big day, and it will only happen once so why not? Pop on those props and wear your make up with pride!

We think it’s amazing people are comfortable enough in their relationships to try something different, but our main concern for brides to be is their guests. Sure, for some it will be amazing to be involved in a Star Trek themed wedding and take part in the whole event of it all, but poor old Auntie Julie might not know her Klingons from her Captain Picards (and even we had to Google it). We’ve found those that do it well, do it very well: subtle but tasteful hints, and obvious references are the way to go, but when you’re standing in the woods surrounded by extended family dressed as the cast of the Wizard Of Oz and you see your dad walking you down the aisle dressed as the Tin Man, you may have gone too far…