The Trip Of A Lifetime?

Our Official Blogger for The North West Wedding Fair, Brides Up North, talks travel plans for the most important trip of your life.

Did someone say honeymoon? We all love a holiday right, and the honeymoon is surely the crème de la crème of all getaways? But while pouring all their efforts into making their big day amazing, some brides and grooms can neglect their post-wedding holiday plans, resulting in a last minute, under-researched booking.

As honeymoons, like weddings, have evolved with time there are now many more options to consider in terms of timings, destinations, experiences, and even travel companions. Initially couples should look at their budget, which may come down to a little guess work for those asking for contributions towards a honeymoon in place of wedding gifts. That said, most should have a rough idea of how much they would like to spend on the trip.

Next: destinations. This may be decided by making a ‘most want to visit’ list as a couple and then deciding on a country (or several) that suits both your holiday requirements – whether that be exploring, chilling, or a combination of the two.

Timings is another important aspect with couples needing to decide if they wish to honeymoon immediately after their big day, or postpone the adventure until a later date. Work commitments might pose a problem – particularly for teachers who are governed by school holidays, plus the weather conditions at the chosen destination will need to be taken into account (nobody wants to honeymoon during hurricane season). For brides and grooms short of funds, delaying the trip will also give them more time to save up for that once in a lifetime trip!

While it’s always been tradition for couples to jet off on their honeymoon straight after the wedding – with some not even seeing their reception through to the end before boarding a plane – more brides and grooms are now choosing to spread the honeymoon love by booking a minimoon for just after the wedding and putting off the main event until a little later down the line.

For those choosing to minimoon (after all, who wouldn’t want two holidays rather than just the one?) there are plenty of options to consider; from cultural European city breaks, to rural countryside retreats and blissful spa breaks, particularly ideal for those needing to recharge the batteries after the wedding-planning whirlwind.

Another new trend in honeymoons is extending the holiday invite to family and friends (we kid you not). While the very thought of such might make some couples wince, others are fully embracing the ‘more the merrier approach’, which gives them the opportunity to share their holiday of all holidays with more than just a plus one.

A-listers Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, chose to invite their best pals to honeymoon with them following their secret LA wedding last year, the pros being that you get to create amazing memories with your friends and don’t risk becoming bored, just the two of you, in paradise. Meanwhile for couples with young children, organising a ‘familymoon’ can mean not only are the memories shared, but also the childcare. This gives couples the best of both worlds – family time and alone time, with trusted babysitting services on hand!

So with all this to consider, and more (we’ve not even started on the holiday wardrobe, insurance and activities), it’s easy to see why starting the honeymoon planning early is a rather wise move.

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Image Credit: Cat Hepple Photography