The Wedding Highlight Film – Everything You Need To Know

After months, if not years of planning, the day is finally here. Your heart rate increases, and you feel a little nauseated from the…

After months, if not years of planning, the day is finally here. Your heart rate increases, and you feel a little nauseated from the thirty minutes of sleep that you had last night, yet here it is: the day that you’ve been waiting for; planning for; and lusting over since the moment you answered positively to your fiancé’s proposal.

You can’t believe that it’s finally here.

You can’t believe that it was over so quickly.

You start to wind back time in your head. If you’ve not had too many celebratory drinks, then you feel as though you can remember it all: from the unnerving, yet joyful morning preparations, surrounded by your loved ones, to that inevitable first kiss you shared as a married couple. From the laugh-out-loud and emotional speeches, to the first celebratory dance with your other half and loved ones.

You remember it all.

You’re positive that you do.

Then you don’t.

You wish you could rewind the clock, just like on those old VHS tapes, watching as moments pass before your eyes in an anti-clockwise direction, until it’s morning again. Just press play, and all of those moments can be relived once, twice, fifty times again!

As a professional wedding videographer, who produces wedding highlight films such as these, I give couples the opportunity to remember everything forever… but what is a highlight film? What does it include? And what should I look for when hiring my videographer?

Top 3 Things to Look for when Hiring a Videographer to Produce Your Wedding Highlight Film:

#1 Great Audio

You can see all of the moving pictures, and they can be as stunning as you could have ever imagined, but how is a video truly different from what your photographer captures?

Answer: Audio. Better still: Great audio.

Ever watched a silent movie? As much as you may or may not be a fan of those, it goes without saying that audio has greatly heightened the popularity of cinema since its induction, and for good reason, as it helps to tell a film’s story. Some of the most memorable and emotional words will be spoken on your wedding day. Therefore, it’s important that the two parts of your film – moving pictures and audio – become married in unison, which is why most professional videographers will tell you, “Audio is at least half of your film.”

But what if you can’t hear the quality of the audio in the films that videographers are showcasing on their website? Well, then it is up to the professional videographer to provide you with audio quality from one of their weddings – never book before you get a chance to listen to them!

If they use on-camera audio (a microphone from the end of their camera), then you should be able to hear the cries from babies, or the feet of someone shuffling their feet nearby, and the audio from the bride and groom will feel almost too distant… that intimate moment you had together will suddenly feel lost in the footage if you have a videographer like this…

Listen to the audio from a videographer who provides it online, and uses tiny matchstick microphones to capture their audio, and you should hear isolated sound that is with you at every moment. The sound is captured so well that you’re almost back in the ceremony itself… you can hear the whispers of your partner – you can almost feel their breath against your skin – every emotional word captured as it should be.

Alex & Zoe 6

#2 All Day Coverage

We offer this in our one and only package, but it is often an extra for most videographers, which is a great shame – but completely understandable – as it is a long, long day for someone to carry tripods and the like; plus, the more you shoot, the more there is to edit! Nevertheless, the morning preparations are of paramount importance to #3 on our list: Story.

Without all day coverage, how will a videographer tell your story of the day? Without the love that’s present in a morning, a truly great wedding highlight film feels amiss. We don’t get to feel how you feel in those moments of excitement that are wrapped up in a variety of fleeting emotions. If a highlight film begins at the ceremony, we only see what all of the guests have seen… and quite frankly, that spoils the journey that a great wedding highlight film will take you on if edited and captured correctly!

All day coverage allows a videographer to reveal every emotion from your wedding day in a spectacular highlight film! You don’t skip a chapter in a book, so why would you miss out the first few important chapters of your wedding day?!

#3 Story

The third, final, and perhaps most important part of a highlight film is your story. Remember that VHS tape moment? Here’s your chance to remember your wedding day the way that you want to remember it: for the rest of your life.

Story is how we are moved. Story is what will make you watch your highlight film fifty times, rather than five; and have you coming back again and again at every anniversary, or every good (or bad!) excuse. You’ll never tire of watching it, and for once in the history of wedding videos, neither will your friends and family!

We often have couples tell us, “We can’t stop watching it!” We have clients telling us before booking their wedding with us, “I don’t even know them (the couple from one of our films), but I want to cry!” Fortunately, none of our clients have cried in front of us yet, but who could blame them if they did?!

Story is universal.

If clients never felt the emotion of their day, then they would just say, “Thank you, you captured our wedding day on video.”

But I’m sure that you would much rather say to your videographer, “It is absolutely amazing, in fact I’m shocked by how good it is!!!! I always knew it was going to be amazing, but didn’t know just how amazing it was going to be!! Brought back so many lovely memories!” as Wei (pictured below) mentioned to us upon seeing her wedding highlight film.


Of course, we are not the only videographers who can do this, there are others out there; but if you want to see what can send our couples into ‘amazing hyperspace’, then come and see us at stand F60 at The Wedding Fair, Event City, on March 12th and 13th. We’d be happy to discuss the rest of our services with you, and help you to remember the story of your day, the Gingerbread Productions’ way: with all day coverage, a stunning highlight film, and your full ceremony, speeches and first dance thrown in for good measure!

We look forward to meeting you!

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