Top comfort tips for the bride-to-be

Elegant Steps walk us through their top tips for ultimate wedding day comfort

Every bride has the perfect wedding picture in her mind, and probably has done ever since she was a little girl. But even when you think you’ve got everything sorted for your big day, it’s always useful to re-address some of the most important aspects of your day, your own comfort!

That’s why we’ve put together a few bridal comfort tips so you can ensure your well-planned big day can be enjoyed by everyone, especially you!

Comfort tip #1 – Don’t overdo it on the stretchy underwear
You’ll have spent time and effort on your wedding makeup, hair and of course the entire outfit. Great, your guests can see that you look wonderful. But you want to make sure YOU feel comfortable and gorgeous underneath your dress too. When it comes to your wedding day, there’s nothing worse than not being able to breathe! So, why bother with the stretchy underwear? Feel like a goddess in your favourite comfy underwear set, if you wear your comfiest underwear, once you put your dress on top, the longevity of your wedding outfit means you won’t have to come off the dance floor!

Comfort tip #2 – Don’t buy an uncomfortable dress
This sounds like a really obvious point, right? But don’t buy a dress just because it looks amazing and feels alright to wear for half an hour in the wedding dress shop. Take your time when trying on a selection of wedding dresses. The longer you can spend in your preferred one, the better. After all your wedding dress has to last you through a ceremony, a reception and possibly an evening do too, the comfier and the more lightweight, the more enjoyable your big day will be. Trust us on this one!

Comfort tip #3 – Wear the comfiest heels you can find

Comfy doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned. There are plenty of high-fashion shoe brands exuding bridal comfort and elegance all rolled into one including Benjamin Adams, Rainbow Club and Rachel Simpson. You’re probably planning to spend a bit of money to make sure your wedding dress is perfect for your big day, so why compromise on quality when it comes to your wedding shoes? Elegant Steps, specialise in high-quality bridal and occasion wear shoes (and, they can even dye your shoes, or your bridesmaids’ shoes to match a swatch of your wedding outfit!).