Top tips for planning your wedding

Congratulations you’re engaged! But where do you start with planning a wedding?

Aba from the blog Do You Noah

Here are my top five tips every newly engaged couple should cross off their lists first.

1. Set a date
Whether you want a winter wedding or decide to have a summer day of celebrations, whatever season you decide, plan accordingly! For Summer weddings, you’ll need a plan to cope with bad weather. And a winter wedding is guaranteed to be cold, and possibly wet. On our wedding day it snowed! Discuss with your venue potential areas to take photos indoors and don’t forget to remind guests to dress accordingly. So whatever the weather, you’ve got it all planned.

2. Set your budget
Every wedding has a budget so it is important to set this out from the start. Your budget will usually guide you as to how many guests to invite and as my husband and I both have big families, we set this high on our priority list. Once you have a budget, you can keep track of your spending. Be willing to be flexible in order to meet your wedding budget. If your perfect venue isn’t available when you want it, try a midweek wedding instead, often cheaper than Saturday weddings. We had our wedding on a Friday during half term so family and friends with children could make it too. But bare in mind a mid-week wedding means guests will have to take days off work which isn’t always convenient and may mean guests won’t be able to attend.

3. To do List
Visit The Wedding Fairs to help tick certain things off your list and to get the inspiration you need for your wedding day. Planning a wedding you will find there are a million things that need to be arranged. Save the dates, invitations, venue, flowers, cake, stationery, music, ceremony, dress, bridesmaid dress, favours…the list is endless! Which is why you will need to keep a track of what to do and when to do it and an excel spreadsheet with a plan of action is the perfect way! It’s also a good method of keeping track of your budget, the more detailed the better. Trust me, this kind of organisation will save a huge amount of hassle further down the line and keep you on track of your planning!

4. Delegate
Behind every beautiful bride are her fabulous and super supportive maid of honour and bridesmaids! Don’t take on too much and delegate what you can to friends and family who have skills in areas you need support with. Do you need help setting up your wedding venue the night before? Or perhaps decorating the church with flowers? I couldn’t have planned my wedding without the help of my mother and three sisters (who also happened to be my bridesmaids). Write a list of tasks for people to help you to make your life easier. As long as you give them plenty of notice, you can put your trust in other people. Nobody will know if the table arrangements are not exactly as you had in mind, but everyone will notice a stressed out bride!

5. Contracts and negotiations
Lastly, when dealing with wedding suppliers try to negotiate the best deal, but don’t sell yourself short on important things just to get a better price. If something is unusually cheaper than other quotes you have gathered then there is usually a reason why – avoid at all costs! When you’re ready to sign the contracts with your wedding suppliers don’t forget to read the fine print and check whether there are any cancellation policies or fees. It’s worth asking if there is a grace period to cancel just in case you change your mind or something happens and you need to postpone the wedding. I took out wedding insurance with John Lewis just in case, which put my mind at rest.

Hopefully these tips will help you get organised and feel less stress about the whole planning process. It’s easier said than done but try not to worry about the small stuff and enjoy every moment. The day will whizz past so fast, so be present in the moment and enjoy your special day!