Wedding Jewellery with Nordic Gems

Jette Cowan from Nordic Gems talks us through the importance of choosing the right jewellery to embellish your look on the big day…

Spring is in the air, the birds are excited and we are entering a lovely time of year where we are all getting ready to enjoy the lighter evenings and the warmth in the air. For many of you who are planning your wedding, I am sure this is one of the most exciting times of your life.

With so many decisions and plans to make, I thought it might be helpful for you to have some information on the small but extremely special and essential items you need to get right: the jewellery pieces to wear on your special day and how they will truly embellish and enhance your complete look, working in harmony with your dress, hair and make up.

Dresses off the shoulder
Jewellery with a statement works extremely well as long as it is not overpowering and works with, rather than against your dress, hair and facial features. Freshwater culture pearls with a modern twist of sparkling crystals or diamonds (depending on the budget) look exquisite.
I recommend real freshwater culture pearls of a good quality over and above costume jewellery as the quality, lustre and shine in the pearls will embellish you and your dress, if combined with crystals or diamonds a truly stylish and glamorous look is created. This jewellery is not just for your special day but can be worn at any occasion day and night. Complete this look with a matching bracelet and earrings, either studs or drop earrings depending on personal your preference, your hairstyle and if you wear a veil or not. Pearl drop earrings with crystals or diamonds are extremely complimentary and the movement will make your eyes and complexion glow even further.

Pastel colours and shiny material such as satin
With pastel coloured wedding dresses such as champagne, pale vintage pink and ice blue which are very trendy. Again, try to look at complimenting the dress with pastel coloured pearls in similar colours to the dress . If the neckline is not suitable for a necklace then match earrings and a bracelet in the same coloured pearls, incorporating crystals or diamonds adds added glamour and sparkle without being over the top or too chunky and bold. Two elegant bracelets in complimentary colours work really well with matching earrings with or without a necklace…

image6 image4

Lace and deep narrow V neck
A deep V neck dress with a simple top half compliments jewellery with a bit more emphasis, such as larger pearl sizes or a necklace with a pendant following the V shape of the dress. Petit freshwater pearls with a larger pearl, heart, crystal or other matching pendant work really well and adding a matching pair of earrings and bracelet completes this look. For lace dresses with a V or open neck, a more delicate look is ideal and the tiny freshwater pearls with a pendant work really well. You may decide you would prefer just to wear a matching bracelet and pair of earrings but it’s always good to explore a potential necklace too – you will be surprised how much it can enhance and embellish your look.

About Nordic Gems
I set up Nordic Gems to provide the ultimate bespoke service to our clients including the bride and bridal party. We are an exclusive brand that you will not find on the high street and the heart of the company’s culture and philosophy is to make you feel special, combined with creating jewellery, experiences and memories for life. In my designs I utilise the finest semi and precious gemstones, freshwater cultured pearls and metals – providing a timeless elegant and glamorous look with jewellery that can be worn at any occasion day and night.

Through my unique one to one ‘By Appointment’ jewellery stylist experience, I work with brides to create bespoke jewellery to suit each individual’s style and dress, for the honeymoon as well as for the mother of the bride, bridesmaids and any other relevant members of the bridal party. The experience usually takes place in the comfort of your own home where the bridal party get together and I work with you to design and create a matching look to suit your requirements.
We have everything from glamorous to simple styles, lace and pastel colours, perfect for the spring and summer trends for 2015.

In the next post we will look at mother of the bride and bridesmaids jewellery. If you would like more information or advice on bridal jewellery styling, any of the jewellery shown or my ‘By Appointment’ jewellery stylist experience, please contact me on or 0207 060 4644.