Which honeymoon destination is right for you?

Kensington and Pearl talk to us about what to look for when booking a honeymoon.

One of the biggest rewards after spending months of pre-wedding stress choosing a dress, picking a venue, working on the guest list and finalising all the details is… your honeymoon!

Honeymoon specialists Kensington and Pearl have put together some things to consider when looking at which destination might suit you and your partner best.

That special time when you and your loved one can escape to your own paradise and begin your married life in tranquillity just the two of you. An important aspect of choosing the right honeymoon for you is deciding what environment makes you happy as a couple.

Some couples enjoy isolation and simplicity and would rather just head off to an island in the Maldives, relax in their villa, enjoy spa treatments and try a few activities such as snorkelling and kayaking.

The more adventurous couple would find this a bit boring and would like to include more challenging activities such as river rafting in Costa Rica whilst still enjoying romance in the luxury forest lodges.

Other couples who still love the idea of isolation on a remote island but would rather discover more untouched and less touristy destinations might better appreciate El Nido in the Philippines or the sustainable island of Song Saa in Cambodia.

You also have the couples for whom isolation is not their thing and enjoy having the option to party together when they leave their luxury retreat, such couples will benefit from somewhere like Bahamas, where you can visit the swimming water pigs, relax in luxury hotels, have fun in the legendary water park or spend the day at an adult pool party.

If you feel you’ve already travelled the world, maybe you would like to try as a couple more unusual destinations like the Gobi Desert in Mongolia or just stay at a cowboy ranch in Texas.

Finally, you have the explorers who want to be immersed into local cultures and traditions whilst still exploiting the romantic aspects, they don’t want to stay in the same place for too long but would like a mixture of relaxing beach time with some discovery, countries like India and Vietnam will transport you into a different world where you and your partner can escape together, embrace the local romantic activities, and discover new ways of living.

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