Guides for Brides 5 Top Tips To Easy, Stress-Free Wedding Planning

So you’re engaged… Congrats! Let the planning begin! Despite the endless advice out there for newlyweds, there’s lots of things that people don’t tell…

So you’re engaged… Congrats! Let the planning begin!

Despite the endless advice out there for newlyweds, there’s lots of things that people don’t tell you about wedding planning! After years in the industry, we think it’s only fair that we at Guides for Brides share our five top tips to easy, stress-free wedding planning. So here goes…

Get organised

We understand that one of the hardest things about wedding planning is being organised. With your fingers in endless pies, it’s hard to keep up with deadlines, payments and plans.

FEAR NOT! To help every newlywed couple out, we have created the ultimate personalised wedding planner, including a checklist for every possible wedding element. From suppliers to creating your table plans, we’ve got it sorted (AND it’s completely free!).

Seek inspiration

Looking around for inspiration is a great way to visualise and plan the wedding of your dreams. When it comes to wedding ideas, Pinterest is flooded with inspo, from quirky to classic and cool to mellow, it’s all there! Photos can be extremely helpful when trying to communicate your dream wedding ideas, whether that be to your planners, florists or any other supplier, so get pinning!


The Real Wedding section on the Guides for Brides website is another brilliant form of inspo. Flicking through the hundreds of beautiful real life wedding photos and stories is a great way for you to see all the details, in the real deal.

 Be opened minded

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with information and even easier to be set in your ways when it comes to making wedding decisions. The dress is a good example of this. Every girl needs to try on multiple options, some that you love, some that you don’t mind and some that would never pick – give everything a go so that you know what looks best. Nine times out of ten brides tell us that they ended up picking a dress that was totally different to their initial idea.

The same applies to many other wedding decisions, therefore it’s SO important to be open minded and explore different routes that you didn’t consider at the beginning. A great opportunity to do that is at wedding fairs. With everything showcased in front of you, you can explore different ideas and try all sorts of things you’d never even thought of!

 The small details are everything

“Happiness is often in the small things” and weddings are no different. From tiny personal touches on favours to tea lights in trees, all wedding guests appreciate the smaller details and that rule will apply forever.

 Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Last but certainly not least, make sure you relax and enjoy YOUR day. It might sound obvious, but in the magic of the day, times flies and you’ll wish that you took a few minutes to yourself as a couple and enjoyed the moment. It is after all one of the best days of your life!


This blog post was written by Guides for Brides. Guides for Brides is an online wedding directory and planner – letting you plan your wedding, your way.