Top 10 tips for planning food at your wedding

The Wedding Planners at BALTIC have put their thinking hats on and come up with their top tips to consider when planning the food…

The Wedding Planners at BALTIC have put their thinking hats on and come up with their top tips to consider when planning the food and drinks for your wedding!

  1. Breakfast– the meal of champions!

It is your big day, but remember it’s a busy, long day! You will be excited and will probably have butterflies but please try and eat something for breakfast. Even something small should set you up properly

  1. Hydration:

We recommend drinking plenty of water in the run up to your Wedding Day, especially the night before. This will ensure you are well hydrated and ready to talk to all of your guests. Always have a bottle to hand throughout the day; that goes for your future husband too.

  1. Tick Tock:

A Wedding can be a long day for your family and guests too. Often, due to timings, they haven’t had any lunch so add some canapés or small bites to your drinks reception. Another great idea is to have some sharing plates on the tables when they sit down for the speeches. And don’t forget to arrange a tasty supper for your guests later on in the evening. 

  1. Reception Drinks:

Champagne and Prosecco are still popular choices at the drinks reception but if you fancy something a bit different why not have G&Ts or bottles of local craft ale. 

  1. Feasts:

For those couples that wish to have a more informal approach to their wedding catering a sharing feast could be just the thing.  It is a great idea for those who want a fun, relaxed option for their wedding day. 

  1. Something Sweet:

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you could opt for a cake stand of desserts to be served instead of a simple pudding. 

  1. Must-Have Info:

If you are giving your guests a choice of menu items, make sure you give them a fixed deadline. It’s good to add your food request responses in with your RSVPs.  People lead busy lives and can be disorganised so this should give you time to chase if needs be. Also, and this is essential, don’t forget to ask about any special dietary requirements. 

  1. The right seat:

Arranging your seating plan can be one of the hardest but fun parts of your planning. Who sits next to whom? Does Uncle Dave get on with Great Aunt Margaret? It is highly likely that you will make tweaks and changes several times on the run up to the big day. And if you are using nicknames for your guests, make sure your venue has the same name noted on the pre-order as on the place card. It makes it much easier for us to dress your tables and ensure everyone is in the right place.

  1. We’re here to help:

Your Wedding Planner is there to help. We feel privileged to be part of such an important day in your lives and love to hear about your ideas. If you have any questions or just need some friendly advice we have lots of experience so can help you bring these ideas to life

  1. Most Important:

Remember it’s your day! You will never please everyone so choose something you both love to eat and start from there…

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